Middle East
20 September 2023
Steward Health Care Middle East Partners with Meena Health to Establish Primary Care Clinics in Riyadh

Steward Health Care Middle East is pleased to announce its collaboration with Meena Health, a subsidiary of Tawaniya, a prominent Saudi Arabian insurance company. The partnership aims to open three state-of-the-art primary care clinics in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
With over 2.7 million individuals covered under Tawaniya's insurance, this agreement marks a significant step towards enhancing primary healthcare services in the region. Steward Healthcare, renowned as the largest privately held value-based care organisation in the USA, brings its world-class primary care model to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time.
"We are thrilled to partner with Meena Health and contribute to the improvement of healthcare services in Riyadh," said Armin Ernst, CEO of Steward International. "By leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in value-based care, we aim to provide high-quality, patient-centred care to the residents of Saudi Arabia."
Under the leadership of Michael Davis, President of Steward Middle East, the collaboration between Steward Health Care Middle East and Meena Health promises to revolutionise the primary care landscape in Riyadh. Through the establishment of these three primary care clinics, the partnership envisions a future where comprehensive healthcare services are accessible and affordable for all.

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