15 June 2023
Steward Health Care International opens Clínica San Rafael in Popayán, Colombia

On Friday 9 June, Steward Health Care International celebrated the opening of the Clínica San Rafael de Popayán in Popayán, Colombia. This new medical facility, equipped with the latest technologies and expertly trained medical staff, reinforces our commitment to providing quality healthcare services in Colombia and beyond.

This state-of-the-art hospital features 140 adult hospital beds, 7 operating rooms, 31 emergency observation cubicles, and 39 critical care beds, in addition to the Cauca Blood Bank. The clinic has the capacity to meet the needs of the region, including the support of areas such as the coffee-growing region, among others. It offers a comprehensive diagnostic support service that includes conventional radiology, ultrasound, C-arm, tomograph, MRI, and angiography, as well as a clinical laboratory and pathology service. Outpatient services include oncology with a capacity of 15 sites for chemotherapy, and non-invasive cardiology services.

The San Rafael Clinic in Popayán promises to provide excellent medical care through a wide range of specialties to more than 1.5 million citizens of Cauca, one of the most underserved areas in Colombia. With innovative design and patient-oriented architecture, our facilities seek to maximise comfort and efficiency in the delivery of care.

In addition to improving access to high-quality healthcare in the region, Clínica San Rafael de Popayán aims to strengthen the local economy by employing more than 100 administrative staff, 510 health professionals who have joined the project, more than 85 specialists in different areas of expertise and another 100 indirect jobs in support services.

Steward Health Care International is committed to transforming healthcare delivery in Colombia, and the Clínica San Rafael de Popayán plays a crucial role in this vision. This state-of-the-art facility joins our global network of hospitals and clinics, which already provide high-quality healthcare services to millions of people around the world.

We invite the community of Popayán and all the people of the region to join us in celebrating this milestone and to explore the services that Clínica San Rafael de Popayán has to offer.

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