Middle East
14 November 2023
Steward Health Care International Announces Strategic Alliance with Health Holding Company

Steward Health Care International, a global leader in diversified healthcare services, is honoured to announce a strategic alliance with Health Holding Company, a state-owned enterprise from Saudi Arabia that specialises in providing comprehensive and integrated healthcare services through designated health clusters.

This far-reaching and strategic collaboration aims to significantly transform the primary healthcare system in Al Ula. We are delighted to bring our extensive experience and specialised knowledge to the Saudi market, contributing to setting new benchmarks in healthcare. The partnership will focus on a series of critical objectives including comprehensive initial assessments of existing facilities and capabilities, the development and strengthening of a high-performing primary care network, the expansion and optimisation of urgent care services, and the establishment of a robust infrastructure for accountable healthcare.

Additionally, concerted efforts will be made to enhance the skills and competencies of local clinical staff, thereby strengthening human capital in the healthcare sector of Al Ula.

This unprecedented initiative will leverage the expertise of a highly specialised project team hailing from the United States and Europe. We are excited to contribute our proven expertise and global best practices to a market as dynamic and rapidly growing as Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to provide real-time, adaptive solutions that not only meet but exceed international standards for healthcare quality and operational efficacy. This is a significant step in our ongoing mission to provide top-tier healthcare wherever we operate.

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