We aim to significantly improve health care standards and outcomes for patients across multiple countries by expanding the proven Steward Health Care model into suitable and appropriate international markets.

Leveraging Steward Health Care’s proprietary platforms to improve the acute and chronic care of patients and to provide efficiency through our advanced management tools, we work with local authorities and agencies to fully understand the populations’ health needs and design a tailor-made plan to deliver sustainable, fully integrated care of the highest standards.
Health care is local
This is one of our primary beliefs and it is why we work with governments, local authorities and agencies to fully understand the populations’ health needs. This collaborative approach to health care assessment allows us to craft sustainable proposals aimed at significantly improving local health care delivery.
Improved operational efficiency
Steward has been highly successful at reducing subsidies through a combination of improved productivity, revenue cycle management, optimizing staff support, minimizing supply chain and pharmacy expenses, and by improving KPIs such as the average length of stay.


Even though many of our tools are scalable, health care itself is local, therefore our team of health care professionals looks at every community as a unique landscape, with its own set of specific health care requirements. Although a preferred model is that of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Steward Health Care International also pursues other investment avenues such as ownership and joint ventures.

By partnering with health authorities, we can achieve a sustainable health system transformation. We are experienced in implementing complex medical delivery systems, we successfully manage care in budgeted financial environments and we have the expertise to execute on large-scale capital projects.

This is possible as Steward has the necessary know-how to create a multi-layered medical delivery system, to successfully manage care in budgeted environments, and to plan for the future based on experience and data.

The preparatory process for the PPP involves a due diligence study, evaluating the current state of care, studying population requirements and need projections, and examining the state of the current health care infrastructure.

The PPP allows for both parties to agree on goals, regularly review progress, and make adjustments according to situational changes that occur. The final vision is always to transform health care and improve the health of citizens whilst benefiting the local economy.

Apart from the PPP model, there are alternative collaboration pathways that Steward would consider. These include management agreements, joint ventures, and private transition.


  • Experience at scale

    10 years rebuilding and upgrading 37 facilities with a total investment of over $800,000,000.

  • AI supported predictive analytics

    Our management tools are learning and constantly improving as to optimize resource use and improve efficient management of our systems.

  • IT Systems

    Our proprietary software tools give us a competitive technological advantage with scalable management and care coordination systems. Patient care is supported by algorithms and expertise is leveraged through advanced telemedicine platforms supporting services ranging from simple urgent care to high-level ICU support.

  • Medical Services

    We manage fully integrated systems, including acute care, rehabilitation, ambulatory centers, home care and hospice.

  • Team

    The Steward Health Care International team is completely dedicated toward developing and delivering high-quality patient care to patients across the world, leveraging decades of experience in different health care environments.

  • Partnerships

    We leverage the strengths of our partners, who themselves are leaders in their fields. Our partners include Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Northumbria University, Cerberus Capital Management L.P., MCOPi, Philips and Medical Property Trust.



In just 8 years, Steward has grown into one of the largest physician-led, privately-held health care operators in the United States and has now launched its’ first international presence in the Republic of Malta.

The work in Malta has a 5-part scope, which is currently in progress:

  1. To operate and manage health care and ancillary services at St Luke’s Hospital, Karin Grech Hospital and Gozo General Hospital.
  2. To redesign and remodel the existing infrastructure.
  3. Improve urgent patient transfer with airlifts when required.
  4. To build and establish a Medical School in partnership with the Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.
  5. Establish a viable medical tourism industry.

The total project costs are estimated to be around €220 million.


These infrastructural works will more than double the current number of beds, and provide a superior rehabilitation service. A state-of-the-art unit for orthotics and prosthetics has been established in collaboration with MCOPi.