Our Model

Steward Health Care International is a global leader in integrated health care systems

and a preeminent accountable care organisation around the world. Our international experience and expertise in establishing, managing and maintaining quality patient-focused care is a driving force behind Steward Health Care International’s exceptional competency as a leader in the field.

Our Model

Steward Health Care International is able to use our network, resources and experiences as leverage throughout the world

often pursuing direct contracts with governments in Public Private Partnership models or using large scale growth opportunities to build systems that improve care quality and access for our patients.

Our Model

We have made significant, long-term investments in training centres, hospitals, clinics, emergency transport

and other specialised medical facilities to improve patient access to our services for the benefit of the people and the communities we serve. Our innovative model ensures the highest quality of care becomes reality whilst substantially reducing total medical expenses. We take responsibility for the full spectrum of our patients’ needs, and deliver services in a coordinated, integrated manner.

Coordinated Care model

Operational benefits

vertical integration

Reduces duplication and waste

HORIZONTAL integration

Provides multiple entry points across a broader geography and increases efficiency through scale and improved procurement

Clinical benefits

vertical integration

Improves coordination of care delivery between settings, resulting in better patient experience and outcomes, higher quality of care, and local care delivery

HORIZONTAL integration

Expands access points across a broader geography resulting in improved convenience and affordability for patients and businesses in local communities

Partnership models

We routinely contract with a variety of government payers in risk-based payment models. Internationally, we undertake Private/Public partnerships with governments

A risk-based payment model that prioritises value over volume

Many patients are under risk-based contracts. This allows Steward to innovate and invest in wellness

Keeping patients healthy and active in their communities

Through our community health programs, we respond to major health needs and promote overall wellness. We build relationships and work with community partners to make measurable, sustainable improvements

Data driven and integrated

Predictive analytics and data guide every aspect of our care program. Using these tools, we minimize waste, improve care, predict demands on the system and lower costs

Pioneering a new model of care

Our vertically and horizontally integrated model achieves the highest quality care, increases patient access, and substantially reduces total medical expenses

Coordinating care where patients are

Steward consists of hospitals, rehabilitation and allied health facilities, physicians, and related primary care providers. Steward’s model promotes the delivery of coordinated primary care within its communities, where people prefer to get their care

why steward

Health care excellence

  • Governments, citizens and patients need to feel confident that an operating partner will allow the system to flourish.
  • With a rapidly aging population, growing health care costs and a fragmented health care system, countries around the world need an experienced health care operator who can deliver real value.
  • Steward International builds a coordinated system of care, with expanded access to a range of centres of excellence.
  • Our teams draw on our US experience, while enhancing locally excellent care.
  • Steward International trains the next generation of medical workers.
  • Steward International’s experience with risk-based contracts, participation with insurance companies and history of successful public/private partnerships allows us to enter innovative insurance partnerships with local payers and governments.
  • Our track record of building and operating diversified services position us well to expand our portfolio within the multiple global health care markets.
  • Steward International brings a suite of proprietary hospital operations tools, that have generated millions of dollars in annual operating savings in our hospitals.
  • Steward International will leverage existing tools and data to create a unified and comprehensive view of the patient, integrating the journey across multiple sites of care.
Better health
  • Steward International redesigns the care journey, develops centres of excellence, builds a robust system of care, and provides care to the community, improving health and wellness.