Our Vision

We are a pioneering organisation with an effective, patient-first approach that unlocks access to high-quality, coordinated, and affordable care

From the outset, our aim was to build an entirely different type of health care company – one that prioritises holistic and affordable care without compromising quality.

Our vision

Right care, right place, right time

  • We place strong focus on preventive treatment to respond to demographic challenges
  • Moving care from the hospital to the community where possible
  • Digitally enabled, to allow the patient to choose where they receive treatment

Data driven care

  • Robust, proprietary tools to coordinate and improve treatment
  • Operating efficiencies through better information
  • Patient needs are prioritised and no element of care falls through the cracks

Patient centred

  • Our patients are the centre of an integrated system of care, serving needs from prenatal treatment though end-of-life and home care services


  • Our unique model provides access to global health care knowledge, while delivering care in the community
  • Our solutions are culturally appropriate, thoughtful and reflect local needs

Privately held, we respond quickly in the face of political, medical and world events.