One of the largest physician-led, privately-held health care operators in the United States is expanding internationally.

Steward Health Care, one of the largest physician-led, privately-held hospital operators and integrated health care providers in the United States, is a health care services organization committed to providing the highest quality of care in the communities where patients live. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Steward operates 37 community hospitals in the United States and the country of Malta, that regularly receive top awards for quality and safety.
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Expanding Steward Health Care’s model to transform health care systems internationally.

We aim to significantly improve health care standards and outcomes for patients across multiple countries by expanding the proven Steward Health Care model into suitable and appropriate international markets. Leveraging Steward Health Care’s proprietary platforms to improve the acute and chronic care of patients and to provide efficiency through our advanced management tools, we work with local authorities and agencies to fully understand the populations’ health needs and design a tailor-made plan to deliver care.
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Tailor-made care pathways designed for accountability and to achieve common goals.

Health care is local and should be tailored accordingly. Our team of health care professionals looks at every community as a unique landscape, with its own set of specific health care requirements. Although our preferred model is that of Public Private Partnerships, Steward Health Care International also pursues other investment avenues such as ownership and Joint Ventures.
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It works in Malta.

Steward Health Care International currently operates three hospital campuses in Malta, where it is constructing and refurbishing facilities and building a Medical school campus. Through this project, the Maltese public will benefit from a vastly improved service, the introduction of new technologies and IT systems, a new air-ambulance service, and an estimate improved facility worth up to 220 million Euro. A significant additional goal of this project is attracting medical tourism to the country.
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