Work in progress – Please check back frequently – Last updated at 3:16pm – 27 October 2023

Steward International – Malta Financials

Steward International is giving unprecedented public access to the financial details relating to the hospital concession under its management in Malta. This is part of our commitment to transparency and our duty to the Maltese people, who we believe deserve clarity over the use of taxpayer funds.

This includes significant data relating to the management of Gozo General, Karin Grech, and St Luke’s hospitals during the period under its management and records relating to the preceding Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) era.

We will update and expand the information provided on this site over time and strongly encourage the Government of Malta to publish all expenses and financial data for government-run hospitals for context, including Mater Dei Hospital.

When Steward International arrived in Malta on completion of the VGH acquisition in 2018, we found a concession in disarray. The administrative and financial structures were not fit for purpose, and there were no management accounts for the preceding three years.

Steward International has worked hard to transform and professionalise the administration of the concession in accordance with best international practice and standards.