29 March 2021
Physiotherapy department at Karin Grech Hospital refurbished

Steward Health Care Malta has completed another investment in its hospitals with the refurbishment of the physiotherapy department at Karin Grech Hospital. This follows the recent announcement of the extensive upgrade project of the emergency and outpatients departments at Gozo General Hospital.

The physiotherapy department sees people of different ages and medical conditions. Every year, the departments sees 40,000 patient visits, both in and out-patients. The physiotherapy staff in the department assess, diagnose and treat patients who have problems with pain, stiffness, weakness and loss of balance due to dysfunction in the muscles, bones, joints, nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and spinal discs. Moreover, they aid in the rehabilitation of patients following orthopaedic surgery or interventions.

The refurbishment works at the department include an aesthetical upgrade of the various rooms and facilities so as to improve both staff and patient experience. In addition, the electricity set-up was overhauled and new vinyl flooring was laid throughout the whole department, ensuring a safer environment for staff and patients.

Dr. Nadine Delicata, Executive Director of Steward Malta, said: “The project was really welcome as the facilities had not been changed since acute services were transferred from Saint Luke’s Hospital to Mater Dei in 2007. The improvement in clinical and staff areas will serve the department well as an interim solution until the new rehabilitation hospital is built and commissioned. I take this opportunity to thank all service users and staff for their patience and cooperation throughout the project, which was conducted in phases to minimise disruption to ongoing services. ”

Increased clinical spaces in the refurbished physiotherapy department enable staff to work more comfortably and improve established services. A new musculoskeletal gym allows physiotherapists to guide patients through additional exercise and mobility programmes. The improved and enlarged treatment areas in the physiotherapy department, including the neuro-rehabilitation unit, now allow for the treatment of patients in comfort, whilst providing the resources needed for rehabilitation and disability management. Additional single treatment rooms allow for the treatment sessions to be held in total privacy when required.

This refurbishment has also provided new spaces for training and information sessions, which were not available before. Furthermore, dedicated staff office spaces have been created to allow for teleworking and remote treatments during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The support area dedicated to the staff of the physiotherapy department has also been enlarged.

The physiotherapy department at Karin Grech Hospital offers various services such as vascular and amputee rehabilitation, neurorehabilitation, musculoskeletal treatment and rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation and aquatic therapy.

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