Steward Health Care, one of the largest physician-led, privately-held health care operators in the United States,

Steward Health Care is the nation’s largest private, tax-paying physician-led health care network in the United States. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Steward operates 37 hospitals in the United States and the country of Malta that regularly receive top awards for quality and safety. The company employs approximately 42,000 health care professionals. The Steward network includes multiple urgent care centers and skilled nursing facilities, substantial behavioral health services, over 7,900 beds under management, and approximately 2.2 million full risk covered lives through the company's managed care and health insurance services. The total number of paneled lives within Steward's integrated care network is projected to reach three million in 2018.

The Steward network includes more than


Full Risk Covered Lives

through the company’s managed care and health insurance services.


Beds Under Management


Preferred Skilled Nursing Facilities


Urgent Care Centers

Steward's unique health care service delivery model leverages information technology, innovation, and care coordination to keep patients healthier and provide fully integrated health care.

With a culture that prioritizes agility, resourcefulness, and continuous improvement, Steward is recognized as one of the world’s leading accountable care organisations. The Steward Health Care Network includes thousands of physicians who help to provide more than 12 million patient encounters per year.
Steward Medical Group, the company's employed physician group, provides more than 6 million patient encounters per year. The Steward Hospital Group operates hospitals in Malta and states across the United States, including Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah.


Steward has expertise in physician management and has been successful at reducing subsidies through a combination of improved productivity and revenue cycle management, appropriate sizing of staff support, and reduced costs per provider. As an organisation built and run by doctors, Steward understands that there are no shortcuts to being successful in health care. It supports its professionals on the front line with the right tools, resources, and infrastructure to deliver the best care possible, and work efficiently to ensure that all efforts strive to achieve what is most important—better patient care.


Steward’s integrated model has been purposely constructed through acquisitions, partnerships, and affiliations to create a seamless experience for patients and providers and to optimize the use of resources. Steward’s integrated model offers a scalable, proven, and innovative platform for health care delivery across the continuum, with best-in-class quality of care and underlying operating tactics designed to simultaneously improve profit and market share.